Saturday, December 29, 2007

Six Wonderful Years

Six Memories of Our Wedding

1. I sang a song during the ceremony...I was terrified. I was told it was a favorite song of Caleb's. So 3 days before the wedding I decide I am going to sing this song for him. I learned a new song and memorized the words in just a few days so I could sing it as a surprise at our wedding.
2. Caleb got lost on the way to the church and was 45 minutes late. I barely even noticed as I was practicing my song.
3. Caleb and I were in a car accident with our rental car on the way to the rehearsal. It was snowing and the roads were slick. The car wasn't totaled, but it was no longer usable for our honeymoon as we had planned.
4. We had a harpist. I'm sure the music was beautiful. Everyone even got to enjoy an extra 45 minute concert while we were waiting for Caleb to show up.
5. We had a pot-luck style reception dinner. It was really good. I have my mother to thank for all her hard work in preparing and organizing the food.
6. Mr. Morgan...a special man from my childhood and my Morgan's namesake...sang "A Household of Faith". He had cancer at the time and has since died, but I love the fact that he sang at my wedding.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

December 25th


May you find gifts under your tree...

May your gifts be just what you always wanted...

May you experience the excitement of the day...

May you take time to appreciate the little things - like wrapping paper...

May you enjoy time with family and friends...

May somebody give you a Christmas hug...

And may God bless us everyone!!!


"Away in the Manger"

Sung by Seth
Sing along if you know the words. :P

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Fun

Merry Christmas from our elves!!!

Hey Mom,
the above line is a link so please click on it.

We found one!!!

I really hope this guy makes it. He should. He seems very healthy and he is two weeks older then the others were. He is a French lop and will grow to be about 10lbs...which is why we went with just one rather then two. This will be one big bunny!

We've named him Napoleon.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Present Search

Twelve days ago Caleb went to Manchester to get two mini-lop bunnies for the boys for Christmas. As of today we have a cage, rabbit food, toys, hay, litter, brushes and...NO RABBITS!!! That's right, they both died. The boys didn't know about them. We gave them time to settle in. We didn't hold them against their will. We let them approach us when they were ready. They were cute and fuzzy. We did everything right. Now we have no gift for the boys 3 days before Christmas ...and I don't think they would be thrilled with just the bunny accessories.

Why did they die? Breeder says maybe it was stress. If just being around Caleb and me stressed out those poor little buns, could you imagine how stressed they would have been if they had actually met our boys. I think they were doomed from the moment we bought them because that is just the kind of thing that happens to us. Arrgh!

So last night and today has been spent searching the internet for available bunnies. We had had those reserved for almost two months. It is not an easy thing to find rabbits during this time of year. Breeders avoid having them available to prevent the "pets for Christmas" horror. We checked the pet store, but even their supplies are pretty slim.

Caleb has gone to see about a possibility. We are really short on time so hopefully it will work out. I am totally bummed. I know the boys would have been so excited to have a bunny on Christmas morning.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Boy Talk

Mommy: "Your face is dirty."
Seth: " Uh huh, you need to lick it"

My all-American boy...

Seth: "Will you buy me a sausage brechdanau?

Taking out the Welsh it means...a sausage sandwich. Taking out the British it means...A HOT DOG!

"Look what my dude."
"Look what I did."

A Santa by any other name...

Ask the boys about Santa and you will be met with blank looks and silence.
Ask the boys about Sion Corn and you will see smiles and excitement.

The Fine Print...
The boys do not believe in Santa any more then they believe in Bob the Tomato.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Trimming the Tree

So Pretty!

Beautiful Baby of Mine,

I love you!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Congratulations to me!

Today was my last day of the Super Welsh class. Yippee!! I did a two year course in just 10 weeks. It was challenging. It was overwhelming. It was mind numbing. It is OVER...and now I have 3 weeks for lazing about. lol! In January I start the next course and it will be only 3 days a week rather then 5. I am moving on to the intermediate level. Woo! Hoo!

SO...if anyone wants to have a chat in Welsh, just let me know. :P

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Growing Up!

My Sweet Baby
3 months old

  • Weighs 15lbs and is 24 inches long
  • Sleeps through the night
  • Eats every four hours
  • Coos
  • Likes to stand
  • I've just pulled out the 6-9 month clothing for him
  • Lifts his head up while laying on his belly
  • I love rocking him to sleep
  • He loves it too

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Decor

Here, as requested by my sister, are our Christmas decorations forever documented for your enjoyment. :P We...

decorated the shelf and lamp...

decorated the archway...

the door frame...

decorated the mantel...

decorated the boy's door...

the tree...

the piano...

the boys...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Fair

We took the boys to the fund-raising Christmas Fair at Seth's school. I hate these fairs. They consists of different stalls selling junk set up on tables going all around the room and then in the middle there are more tables with games the older students have made. Little walking space for lots of people. Very, very crowded.

Caleb had Morgan in the baby carrier and was holding Paul. He basically just stood off in the corner out of the way. I took Seth and Jason around the tables. So many tantalizing "goodies" within easy reach was too much for Jason to bear. After carrying him out to the bathroom area (because he wouldn't walk) I told him if he whined and cried anymore he would have to go home. Okay, he says. I take his hand to walk back out and join the others. He whines and cries as we go. Sooo, we went home.

We were there maybe 1/2 hour. Caleb put Jason to bed and I took Seth back to the fair so that he wasn't being punished for Jason's behavior. While walking back to school I told Seth he could
do one more thing at the fair. He said he wanted his face painted like Geriant's (his friend). So that is what he did.

He was so excited about his face being painted like a snake. It felt really good to make him so happy. We ended up having a fun time even after the "Jason Episode". Me...because I enjoy making my little boy happy. Seth...because he actually enjoyed the fair.

I was hoping the paint would last long enough for Jason to see. I thought maybe the consequences for his actions would sink in a little was gone by morning.

But Seth had one glorious evening as a snake. : )

Monday, December 3, 2007

Chubby Cheeks

  • I left class early today for an afternoon tea party my friend Adrianne was having. It was fun...a little bit chaotic...but fun. There were 9 kids 2 and under. Only one of them was mine, though. So I had it easy!
  • I have just two weeks left of my Welsh class. They said I would be fluent. Am I? No!
  • According to Seth "Pow Ainjers" (Power Rangers) are cool. lol!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Say Cheese!

Paul and his over-enthusiastic cheesy smile!