Saturday, December 22, 2007

We found one!!!

I really hope this guy makes it. He should. He seems very healthy and he is two weeks older then the others were. He is a French lop and will grow to be about 10lbs...which is why we went with just one rather then two. This will be one big bunny!

We've named him Napoleon.

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Dana said...

What a cute bunny! Good luck with him. He looks like a sturdy guy! That's too bad about the other bunnies. I wonder if they were sick. I had bought Tucker and Tanner bunnies years ago and they didn't die from stress. In MY house, that's amazing! I don't know that bunnies just up and die like that from stress?!? I wonder if maybe they were sick? Anyhow, I hope Napoleon lasts a good long time! Merry Christmas!