Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Growing Up!

My Sweet Baby
3 months old

  • Weighs 15lbs and is 24 inches long
  • Sleeps through the night
  • Eats every four hours
  • Coos
  • Likes to stand
  • I've just pulled out the 6-9 month clothing for him
  • Lifts his head up while laying on his belly
  • I love rocking him to sleep
  • He loves it too


joy said...

Oh my! what a cutie!

your house looks real nice too! thanks for sharing pictures!

things are well here. i think i am finally over the morning sickness AKA ~ all day sickness :o) it hits every once and a while if i eat something that doesnt agree with me.

did u know before you delivered that your babies were boys? i cant wait to find out. there are 4 shorter grandkids and they are all girls. so, imagine the pressure for a boy, but still, we would be so tickled to have another little girlie!

thanks for sharing all your great pictures!

Dana said...

My gosh! Is he really 3 mos old already?!! Where did the time go? It seems like you just had him yesterday! He is indeed a cutie!