Saturday, December 29, 2007

Six Wonderful Years

Six Memories of Our Wedding

1. I sang a song during the ceremony...I was terrified. I was told it was a favorite song of Caleb's. So 3 days before the wedding I decide I am going to sing this song for him. I learned a new song and memorized the words in just a few days so I could sing it as a surprise at our wedding.
2. Caleb got lost on the way to the church and was 45 minutes late. I barely even noticed as I was practicing my song.
3. Caleb and I were in a car accident with our rental car on the way to the rehearsal. It was snowing and the roads were slick. The car wasn't totaled, but it was no longer usable for our honeymoon as we had planned.
4. We had a harpist. I'm sure the music was beautiful. Everyone even got to enjoy an extra 45 minute concert while we were waiting for Caleb to show up.
5. We had a pot-luck style reception dinner. It was really good. I have my mother to thank for all her hard work in preparing and organizing the food.
6. Mr. Morgan...a special man from my childhood and my Morgan's namesake...sang "A Household of Faith". He had cancer at the time and has since died, but I love the fact that he sang at my wedding.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy New year!! That is a beautiful picture. Your wedding was very beautiful and memorable. I remembered the accident, but didn't remember you being in it. You sang that song so well. I knew you were terrified that is why I was praying the whole time.
Love you all, Ellen