Friday, December 21, 2007

The Present Search

Twelve days ago Caleb went to Manchester to get two mini-lop bunnies for the boys for Christmas. As of today we have a cage, rabbit food, toys, hay, litter, brushes and...NO RABBITS!!! That's right, they both died. The boys didn't know about them. We gave them time to settle in. We didn't hold them against their will. We let them approach us when they were ready. They were cute and fuzzy. We did everything right. Now we have no gift for the boys 3 days before Christmas ...and I don't think they would be thrilled with just the bunny accessories.

Why did they die? Breeder says maybe it was stress. If just being around Caleb and me stressed out those poor little buns, could you imagine how stressed they would have been if they had actually met our boys. I think they were doomed from the moment we bought them because that is just the kind of thing that happens to us. Arrgh!

So last night and today has been spent searching the internet for available bunnies. We had had those reserved for almost two months. It is not an easy thing to find rabbits during this time of year. Breeders avoid having them available to prevent the "pets for Christmas" horror. We checked the pet store, but even their supplies are pretty slim.

Caleb has gone to see about a possibility. We are really short on time so hopefully it will work out. I am totally bummed. I know the boys would have been so excited to have a bunny on Christmas morning.

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joy said...

wow Dawn! that is really sad! dead bunnies!

Christmas guinea pigs????