Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Fair

We took the boys to the fund-raising Christmas Fair at Seth's school. I hate these fairs. They consists of different stalls selling junk set up on tables going all around the room and then in the middle there are more tables with games the older students have made. Little walking space for lots of people. Very, very crowded.

Caleb had Morgan in the baby carrier and was holding Paul. He basically just stood off in the corner out of the way. I took Seth and Jason around the tables. So many tantalizing "goodies" within easy reach was too much for Jason to bear. After carrying him out to the bathroom area (because he wouldn't walk) I told him if he whined and cried anymore he would have to go home. Okay, he says. I take his hand to walk back out and join the others. He whines and cries as we go. Sooo, we went home.

We were there maybe 1/2 hour. Caleb put Jason to bed and I took Seth back to the fair so that he wasn't being punished for Jason's behavior. While walking back to school I told Seth he could
do one more thing at the fair. He said he wanted his face painted like Geriant's (his friend). So that is what he did.

He was so excited about his face being painted like a snake. It felt really good to make him so happy. We ended up having a fun time even after the "Jason Episode". Me...because I enjoy making my little boy happy. Seth...because he actually enjoyed the fair.

I was hoping the paint would last long enough for Jason to see. I thought maybe the consequences for his actions would sink in a little was gone by morning.

But Seth had one glorious evening as a snake. : )


Dana said...

That's great that you were able to take Seth back to the fair. I hate it when one brother ruins something for another. Tanner missed a birthday party yesterday because Tucker was being terrible! I felt SO bad. I don't know how I can make it up to Tanner.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn, Very good idea taking Seth back!! Way to go! Seth, that was great that you were good, Aunt Ellen is so proud of you. You were a great snake!!!