Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wednesday, July 7, 2010...Comparing Baby

Well, if anything this post has made me realize how much I need to organize our photos. What a mess! Seth and Jason were born during our traveling days before digital graced our family so what pictures there are of them are spread from boxes in my garage all the way to Grandma's attic in Pennsylvania. And I apparently have folders and folders of really bad pictures sneaking around in my computer making the finding of a good picture much more difficult and time consuming. Oy!

I know I said I thought Tesni resembled Paul, but after looking at these pictures I'm thinking not so much. Maybe it's the temperament that reminds me of him... that and he and she weighed the same. She's looking more like Elisa to me with lighter coloring, but they all have such similar features it's hard to tell. Anyway, since newborns change so quickly I tried to get pictures from their first week of life... one sleeping and one awake, except Seth, who only has one picture.

Tesni 9lbs. 13oz.

Elisa 8lb. 11oz.

Morgan 9lb. 5oz.

Paul 9lb. 13oz.

Jason 8lb. 15oz.

Seth 7lb. 7oz.

So what do you think?

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