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Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's been a month since Tesni joined the family. I felt like I really needed a babymoon and since most my friends really do live in my computer that is the reason for the silence. I took this last month and focused on my recovery and the family adjustment of adding Tesni. (I forget just exactly how difficult those two things are.) She is such a good baby. She's been sleeping through the night since day one. (...if her last feed is around midnight she will sleep til 7am or so, but if I go to bed earlier she will wake sometime in the wee hours. I choose the late bedtime over the interrupted sleep.)

Everyone loves baby. We have had no jealousy issues up until the last couple days. Elisa gets jealous if Daddy is holding Tesni instead of her, but she has no problem sharing him. It's so neat having a daddy's girl...all of the boys have wanted me. Elisa loves rubbing Tesni's head, giving her hugs and licking her face kisses. It's so sweet. This is my second set of 3 children aged 2 and under and let me tell you it is so much easier having a couple pair of 5 and 6 year old arms to hold the baby when I need to get something done. Seth and Jason have been such a big help. They will also pick her up just after I've put her down to sleep, but what can I's a learning process. :)

Tesni weighed in at 11 lb. 6 oz. a couple days ago. Usually when a new little one arrives it makes the previous little one seem so they shot up over night. It didn't work this time around. With Elisa having been so tiny it makes Tesni seem huge. At 4 months Elisa was just a few ounces more than Tesni is now. I'm sure their sizes will even out, but if not they will be sharing clothes a lot sooner than I thought they would.

The general consensus is Tesni looks like Paul. I agree with this both in looks and temperament. She is really laid back and content. I recently found some of Jason's baby pictures (They were lost. Shh! Don't tell him.) so I'm working on a comparison post. I had wanted to do one when Elisa was born, but since there were no pictures of Jason I didn't.

Also coming soon... pictures from the month of June. I just need to go through them and pare it down. There are so many.

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