Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We finally had our appointment with our naturopathic doctor. He sent us a Zyto machine. It is very complicated and has to do with quantum physics which is way beyond my puny understanding, but simply put he was able to tell our allergies and diagnos problems through the computer. He is sending us the lists, yes, LISTS of allergies by email.

The biggest surprise was that Jason has Lyme disease and he is not allergic to mold (just sensitive).  We were not expecting that at all. We googled it later and found that his behavior, tiredness and psycological problems could in fact be symptoms of Lyme disease. Based on when we noticed a behavior change in him I would say he has had this going on 3 years this fall. His immune system is very weakened and so he could not handle his exposure to mold, but it apparently was not the source of the problem. The Lyme disease is already affecting his liver and kidneys so we will be taking care of this as soon as possible.

I find this all kind of scary. I spent so many hours trying to find an answer...I would never have found this. Lyme disease is not something to play around with. I'm so grateful that God brought us back the States now. I don't even want to thing of what another 2 years would have done to Jason.

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