Saturday, October 1, 2011

Monday, August 31, 2009

Life happens every time I get going on some plan or routine. Blah!

Two weeks in and we realize little Elisa had whooping cough. We thought it was just a cold at first, but then it got pretty bad. Caleb and I started taking shifts so that one of us was with her around the clock. I also started taking massive doses of vitamin C. It turned her cough around in 2 days. She is now just coughing 2-3 times during the night and not at all during the day. Anyway I started taking the Vitamin C powder in water, but switched to orange juice. I can last a bit longer with the juice before the gag reflex starts up.

We started Jason and Morgan on the Vitamin C as soon as they showed any signs of a cold. Hopefully with catching it early they won't reach the choking coughing fits like Elisa did.

Elisa started crawling and sitting last week. I was watching her laying on the floor getting up her hands and knees the day she turned 6 months. I said to Caleb that my guess was she would be crawling by the end of the month. Just a couple days later she was off and a couple more after that she was sitting. I'm glad she is growing and learning, but I was not ready for it to happen so quickly. Now I actually have to watch her. lol! She doesn't mind the pack-n-play though so I'm thankful for that.

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