Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 I have two goals for this year.

1. Make a menu consisting of 30 meals, which we like and are allergy friendly.

This is no easy task...for me anyway. I don't particularly enjoy cooking. And to go through the effort of a new recipe only for it to be received by anything less than "Mmmm! You make good food, Mom!" ...well, lets just say their next meal is oatmeal or a potato. I'm going to take this myself a year. I have 4 meals on the list so far, but I'm not putting much effort into this until after we get back to Wales as my ingredients and prices will change. Oh, and the two main allergies I must avoid are wheat (no exceptions) and dairy (butter being the once in a while exception).

2. Not to get pregnant in 2010.

I know I'm already expecting, but with my record I would be again before we hit 2011. Our last 2 children and current pregnancy were all conceived while trying not to get pregnant. Not that the babies were not wanted. I/we want a large family...I just want/need some age gaps larger than 18 months. I mean, pregnancy and childbirth is great and all (read sarcasm)...I just hadn't planned on doing it every. single. year. So anyway...I've purchased "Taking Charge of your Fertility". I started reading it yesterday. I am going to learn it, use it and pray it works.

So there you have two goals for 2010.

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