Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paul had his birthday two weeks ago. I was planning on a small family celebration, but he kept talking about how Grandma was going to come for his birthday. To distract from the fact that she wasn't actually going to be here I threw together a last minute party for him.

My five, plus the combined 5 of two other families, makes for a nice size party without much effort.

Paul didn't seem to notice his guests were mostly girls and half of them were babies.
My boys love girls and babies!

Elisa, 14 months, with 7 month old A.
(I forget how tiny Elisa is until she gets around other babies.)

Add in a few gifts and a phone call from Grandma and we have a happy Paul...completely content with his special day.

Trying out his birthday bike
wearing birthday shoes he was allowed to pick...

4 years old

dreamer and storyteller
sweet and loving
hugs fix everything
in it for the fun
potato chips
don't send him to get something...he'll NEVER find it

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