Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thursday, April 15, 2010....Easter

Although I am happy to be home, I really enjoyed the time we were able to spend with family... particularly the holidays. They're just not the same without someone to celebrate with. They would remain just like any other day for us, excepting what is decided to do to make it special, which boils down to extra work.

This being our first holiday alone again, I really didn't feel like putting in the effort. Knowing this would be completely unfair for the boys I boiled eggs for coloring Saturday morning. Although it wasn't until... oh, about 15 minutes before bedtime that I finally said to myself, "Fine. Let's just do this. Get it over with." lol!

So we did. The boys enjoyed themselves never knowing their mother was being an Easter Scrooge.

Sunday morning service and a bit of chocolate really helped put me in a more festive mood. :) I actually ended up enjoying the day in spite of myself. Caleb and I fixed us a turkey dinner while the kids watched the Veggie Tales "Easter Carol". After there was an egg hunt out in the beautiful sunshine.

I tried to get Elisa to participate, but as tempting as that egg was she refused to get it because she didn't like the grass. lol! I ended up moving it right next to her.

Silly girl.

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