Saturday, February 28, 2009


She is such a good baby. Wakes up just once a night to eat and goes right back to sleep. I've not put her on a feeding schedule like I usually do with my babies. I'm trying something new...called demand feeding. lol!

She weighed 8lb. 8oz. on her 1 week checkup. I wasn't expecting to have a small baby. I know she's not tiny, but compared to the last two 9lb+ babies...she is little. I even had to go out and buy smaller diapers because the ones I had were too big.

(But I thought you used cloth?)

Uh, huh. I do. And when I'm feeling well enough to keep up with the laundry we already generate I will start using them again. I haven't used them for a while now...since my hips went. Shouldn't be too much longer. I'm seeing a chiropractor. She says she can help me. Hooray!


Dana said...

She's so precious! Email me your address if you could. I have a little something for Elisa.

Wendy said...

She's beautiful!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! In awe. What a blessing!!