Sunday, March 1, 2009


I love little girl clothes.
I love having girly colors in the laundry basket.

I love how my boys think we have
a little princess living with us.

I am so excited she is here.
You're probably sick of hearing about it.

I've been looking online at baby dolls, tea sets,
and dress up clothes with ribbons and tulle.

I've even been looking at tiny baby hair bows.

Is that ridiculous?


Dear Abbi said...

Not ridiculous at all! Have fun! :)

Barbie Wilson said...

No, not ridiculous and No, not tired of hearing how much you love having a little girl! I would probably do the same if I had a little girl.

andria said...

And it just gets better. Trust me.

Amie said...

Sadie is almost two and I still get excited about the girl stuff!

Ellen said...

Not ridiculous at all. I love to see her too. She is just gorgeous!! Pure sweetness! I hope you don't mind but, she looks a lot like Seth did. A girly Seth,lol.

Jen said...

Absolutely not! Keep those pictures coming!

Hattie said...

She is so lovely. Pictures ridiculous never. Love Mom

Paula said...

I agree with Ellen - she looks just like Seth! Hopefully, if the boys think Elisa is a pricess she will get treated like royalty & not get pushed around.=)

Stephanie said...

She is gorgeous! Enjoy the pink!

Jubilena said...

No not ridiculous at all!!! I have two girls and still enjoy the girl stuff!