Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fashion Statement

Notice anything different? (Besides the dinged up face.)


What you see here
makes him one of the coolest kids around.
It's true.
Pants tucked into your socks is the epitome of coolness.
It's also necessary for playing soccer.

There is no talking him out of it.


Dana said...

That's too funny! Isn't it funny how kids get certain ideas stuck in their heads?

Aunt Amy said...

He looks sooo adorable!!! I can't believe how big he is getting!!

Ellen said...

That's funny. He looks so proud of his new style too.

Vanessa said...

Sarah sent a link to your site, this is wonderful! I miss you all. I spoke with Josh about Jake coming to work this summer, but the plane fare alone is more than I can handle. I thought it would be a little less expensive, I was wrong! Thank you both for being open to having him, he has settled down quite a bit and is becoming very involved in his youth group.

Your boys are absolutely gorgeous! Tell Caleb I said hello! :-)

Praying always for you all,
Aunt Vanessa
(and kids!)