Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Scare

So Sunday I got a scare with Morgan and his strawberry stained clothes. This morning I got another scare only it wasn't as "funny".

I found Morgan choking. Yes, really choking! I had to flip him over and whack his back hard to dislodge ... a butterfly.

Paul had given him a little, metal butterfly pin.

I have always wondered if I was the type of person to keep their cool or to panic in an emergency situation. Well, I didn't panic. I had no thought of anything serious happening to Morgan...just picked him up and did what I needed to do.

It wasn't until after when he was happily cooing in my arms did I realize what could have just happened. Then I freaked out. Morgan certainly needs a full-time guardian angel with having 3 older brothers around.

And just so you don't think I leave stuff like that lying around... The pin had been put away out of Paul's reach. Nothing, however, is safe from Jason, who gave the pin to Paul, who gave it to Morgan.


Melissa said...

Oh man! So scary. I've gone through that before when Grace was chocking on a quarter at a resturant. I did what I needed to do and it popped out and after she was fine, I freaked! I was shaking so bad as I am sure you were too. Glad to hear he is fine though. You can be as careful as can be but things like that happen anyway.

Ellen said...

hey sis, That is so scary. The same thing happened to Hope only it was with food and it was me who gave it to her. Terrified, but kept calm too. I thought so, anyway. I blogged it, too.