Monday, March 3, 2008

Busy Weekend

*St. David's Day*

Jason looking like a proper little Welsh man with his cap and leek, vest, cords, mismatched clothes and wellies.

Seth's school had a recital to celebrate St. David's Day on Friday. Seth sang a song with his class. Only Caleb went to see him as it was really bad timing as far as naps go. If it had been a good day we would have chanced going. But we had tired monsters by 1pm and there was no way I was taking them out for a 1:30 recital. It was just as well that I didn't go. Seth is one of the shortest in his class and he was put in the second row of kids. So he couldn't really be seen anyway.

*Caleb's Birthday*

Saturday was Caleb's birthday. He is 30 years old! Wow! I remember when I was a teenager thinking that 30 was sooo old. You know, it just doesn't seem as ancient to me anymore. lol!

*Mother's Day*

Sunday was Mother's Day here in Great Britain. Caleb bought me flowers and some delicious strawberries for breakfast. It was nice.

I left half of the strawberries on my dresser until after church. When we got home I put Morgan in his crib and was making dinner...forgetting all about the berries. Morgan was awake so Jason went in to play with him for a while. Morgan fell asleep at some point.

Morgan woke up so I went to get him. In the darkness of the room I could just make out that there was dark red all over the front of his overalls and a big patch of red on his crib sheet! It sure gave me a scare! It looked like blood! Jason had found the berries and devoured them, but not without sharing with his baby brother. What a sweetheart he is! lol!

Morgan got up on his knees today. He is growing up way too fast. My baby is getting so big! Waah!

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Melissa said...

So cute! Happy Mothers Day. Finding red like that would freak me out too. Glad it was only berries!! :D