Thursday, March 6, 2008

All About Seth

Seth Caleb
Aged 4 1/2 years

  • What is your favorite movie? Dinosaur

  • What do you like to play when you are outside? - Soccer

  • What are you favorite toys? - Building transformers with blocks

  • Height - 41 inches tall
  • Some goals he has made for himself -
  1. To stop wetting the bed at night
  2. To stop making messes.
  • Favorite food - chips, grapes, pancakes
  • Favorite Teacher - Auntie Bethan

  • Best Friend - Geriant

  • What do you want to do when you get big? Play with Daddy with blocks, and castles with swords.
  • Favorite shirt - Dinosaur shirt

  • Sandwich of choice - Just peanut butter


Melissa said...

That is really sweet!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, Your website is precious. I know your family really enjoys it. I wish my son and daughter would do something like it with our grand daughter. You are really good at expressing things in print, and Caleb is a very talented photographer. Great teamwork.
Krista Ruark