Monday, March 31, 2008

And Yet Another Poem

This poem took it's inspiration
from a little chat between Jason and his daddy.
June 2007

Jason 2 years 7 months old

~ A Rock in My Shoe ~

"There's a rock in my shoe, take a look you will see.
A little round rock you will find it to be."

"No, there's not." Daddy said. "There is nothing at all.
Just a little white sock and a foot that is small."

"Then there must be a snail in my shoe with it's shell,
A shell that is smooth and it's hard, I can tell."

Daddy said, "Let me see. What things can be found?
There are five tiny toes and a heel that is round."

"Then it must be a fish in my shoe that I feel.
A tail and some fins. I just know he is real."

"I've looked. I see nothing. It's empty, my son.
There's not a thing in your shoe. Not even one."

"I had a rock in my shoe, but he's now gone away.
He's gone to the park. He's gone out to play."

"He's gone to go visit his little rock friend,
My shoe is now empty"... this story can end.

~ Dawn ~


Sarah said...

I love it!

Dear Abbi said...

A-MAZING! LOVE the poem, and the picture to go along with it!

Melissa said...

Incredible! Real talent here!! You should seriously write a book of poems. I would buy it!

Dana said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Melissa! I kid you not, as I was reading your poem, I was picturing it as a children's book. You have some real talent and I think you could do great things with this gift! Write on!

Lauren said...

What an adorable poem! So cute!

Anonymous said...

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