Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Poem

~ My Boy ~

There once was a baby so tiny and sweet,
With a coo and a smile to all he would meet.
Then this sweet baby, he grew and he grew,
Now, you must hear all the things he can do.

He can pour the detergent on the clean floor,
Color with marker on walls and the door.
He can eat all the chocolate his mommy just bought,
He can have all this fun before getting caught.

He can take all his clothes into the bath,
Use his cute little face to avoid mommy's wrath.
He can tear the wallpaper down from the wall,
He can phone the police with one easy call.

He gives his mommy many reasons to cry,
She searches with hope for new things to try.
He causes her trouble at every small turn,
Filling her heart with the greatest concern.

Praying for wisdom in her God-given role,
She asks Him to work on his strong little soul.
Guiding this boy to be at his best,
Praying for God to work out the rest.

She loves this boy with all her heart,
She thinks of him when they're apart.
Mess after mess this thought she does keep,
When the day is done...he'll go to sleep.

~ Dawn ~


Dear Abbi said...

I can't believe you wrote that!!! Soo good! And what a cute topic. It's easy to imagine how you came up with so many moments to include in your poem. :)

You are very gifted in this area! In years to come, your sons (and their wives, especially!) will cherish these poems and have very poignant insights into what life was like when they were little. :)

Great job, Dawn!!

Jen said...

I could probably say all those exact things about my daughter, except pouring the laundry detergent on the floor!! The other day I caught her coloring all over her toy box becuase she "wanted wants her toy box red instead". Thankfully, Mr. Clean works wonders!

Dana said...

Oh my! Too cute! That poem is fitting for a couple of my boys too. You are such a writer! I LOVED your photo posting, "our house" CUTE idea!

Melissa said...

Another GREAT poem Dawn! It's a perfect match, great photos with great poems! Keep it up! I love reading your poems. He is such a cutie too, LOVE all the pictures!

Noah said...

I always said you should write. I am glad you are writing again. I do enjoy reading what you write. Print a copy out for the boys baby book. I will talk to you on Monday. Love you all. Mom

Ellen said...

Awesome Job, Dawn!! It made me laugh. I can't imagine all that crazyness. Maybe mine will come in the teen years,yikes!!

Stephanie said...

YOur poem brought tears to my eyes. I love poetry. That was great!