Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shopping Day

Yesterday we made our monthly trip to Bangor to do some shopping. The main purpose of the trip was to get new school shoes for Seth. His are worn out and they tie with laces. Apparently the teachers don't help with tying shoes once you are one of the "big" kids and are four years old. Ha! We were out the whole day, but came home with no shoes. :( He got in his mind that he wanted Spiderman shoes not school shoes, so EVERY pair of shoes he tried on..."hurt his feet." lol! He was being such a stinker!

Some people down the road are selling their grandkid's toys in their garage. So we stopped there on the way to town. We found some more pieces to the castle they received for Christmas. Yeah! There was also a huge bag of action figures. They have been forever asking for Power Rangers, but there was no way we were going to spend the $30.00 to get 3 of them. So yesterday we had 3 very happy little boys who got Power Rangers for the grand total of $3.00! I love finding a bargain!

The boys have never seen Power Rangers, Spiderman, Transformers, or any other super hero movie. Neither Caleb or I like action heroes...and we did our best to avoid exposing our boys to those worlds. But then our boys grew and made friends and learned that those guys are the COOLEST! So that is all we hear about in our house now. ...and no, they will not be seeing those movies at our house anytime soon, no matter how COOL they are. Awe! We are such "mean" parents! lol!

We also bought Paul's birthday gifts. Paul is the hardest kid to buy for. Being the 3rd boy...He doesn't need any clothes. He doesn't need any toys. And besides not needing anything, he is also not "into" anything. Seth and Jason, at Paul's age, were ball, train, truck and tractor crazy! Paul doesn't have any toys that he loves and doesn't really play with anything specific. As a result of all these things he ends up getting gypped when it comes to receiving presents. He is the one who ends up with the family gifts. Poor kid!

I had another family gift in mind, but really wanted to get something specifically for Paul. So I started thinking of things he likes to do and came up with this...

  • He likes to wear shoes (but doesn't need any) I got him a little blue pair of knockoff Crocs. I think he is going to love them and I think they are just so cute!
  • He likes to I got him his own special cup rather then him using whichever cup Seth and Jason are not using.
  • He likes to I got him some brightly colored toddler spoons to encourage his use of silverware.
  • He likes bath I got him some foam alphabet letters that stick to the tiles when they're wet. Educational and fun! :)
I know at the age of two he is not going to appreciate how much thought went into his birthday gifts, but I am quite pleased with myself for being so creative. lol! Now I can't wait for his birthday so I can give them to him. :)


Melissa said...

Those are great gift ideas! Love your background!!

Ellen said...

Very creative! Although I am not surprised. That's you. You can always think of something.

Jen said...

You are very creative! I'm sure he'll enjoy them.

I am amazed they have yard sales in Wales!! I hope they have them in Australia. I am a yard sale freak!!

Barbie Wilson said...

Yes, you are very creative, Dawn! It is neat that you found the great bargains for your boys. I am the same way about not spending a bunch of money on things. It's getting to be garage-sale season around here, and we can't wait! It starts off this Saturday when our city is doing a city-wide garage sale. FUN, FUN!