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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving was good. We had company over for the day. She's American. He's Welsh. They have a 1 year old son and go to our church. This was the first time we've ever had guests for a Holiday.

In the morning we did a turkey craft with the kids. Just a color, cut and glue turkey, but on each of the 5 feathers we wrote what they were thankful for. Most of them said things like God, food, snow, family, ect. But Jason said second chances, which if you know anything about Jason you'd know why this strikes me as a little funny. Morgan was funny too. He was intently coloring and I asked him ...

Morgan, what are you thankful for?

Morgan, what else are you thankful for?

Okay. Morgan, what's another thing you're thankful for?

I already got that one. Something else.

No, something else.

Okay. We'll do cats again. Haha. It was really funny!

I've been thinking a lot about traditions recently. How I want to incorporate more into our holidays. We only have a few because for so many years we just did holidays with whomever we happened to be near had the time. One Thanksgiving tradition we do have is we eat pie for breakfast. This one was Caleb's which he brought into the marriage and who am I to say we can't have pie for breakfast. Haha. It's fun and the kid's love it. :)

I guess I just need to try some fun things and if the kids like it and we all enjoy it and want to do it again next year then it becomes tradition. One idea I stole found was wearing Santa hats anytime we are out together till Christmas. I bought the kids some. They wore them yesterday to church. They loved it. I loved it. It was fun and so incredibly cute seeing 5 little kids walking/riding to church decked out in Santa hats. If this actually does become tradition, I'm going to look into hats for Caleb and me as well. It will increase the fun factor for everyone. :)

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