Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Silly Boy


"I need a bath.
I need a bath cuz my hips hurt.
My hips hurt...I need the baby out."

I think he's been listening to me too much


Paula said...

For a little boy who didn't say much, he sure has a lot of cute things to say now! Hope the last few weeks will go well for you & that our brand new niece will be here (maybe she will be a Valentine's day baby, or not, I forget when your due date is)!Do you have a new mailing address? Also, thanks for the Christmas card, just got it yesterday while we were visiting with Grandma Tribe.

Ellen said...

oh my, little spunges soak up everything,LOL!! That was funny. I read it out loud and Heidi said,"His hips hurt?"

joy said...

that is too funny. i was just thinking that it will be so nice to look back at these blogs and remember the silly things our kiddos said/did.

and...it seemed like just a little while ago you were graciously updating us on the birth moments of your third? that was fantastic. dare i expect/hope for the same again????

Wendy said...

what a sweet little guy...it's funny the things that our kids pick up from us and repeat. I hope these next 6 weeks or so go quickly for you, I can't wait to hear all about the birth of your little girl!