Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Peek in Our Window

Christmas Eve

After reading the Christmas story and tucking the little kiddlets up in bed, Caleb did his fatherly duties of assembling gifts, setting up the external flash for photos, and vacuuming the living room.

Meanwhile, I redecorated the tree which was an absolute mess. I even had to turn the tree around because some of the branches in the front had been broken with no hope of repair. I filled the stockings and put all the presents around the tree. See my gift from Caleb sitting there in the chair...

Isn't he cute?!! His name is Sasha and he is a 3 year old Russian Siberian. I am so excited to have him. I've been wanting a cat for a long time.

An action shot... He was trying to get that little bit of ribbon you see at the top of the picture. Okay. Enough of the cat.

Then came...

Christmas Morning

Bright and early at 4:30 in the AM!!! Seth was the first to wake. I would have sent him back to bed, but since the clock in our room isn't working by the time I found out how early it was we had three awake. So we woke the fourth and sleepily went downstairs with three very energetic, excited little boys.

We had stockings, of course...

...after which, Morgan sat for 20 minutes chowing down on his kettle corn. He was a happy boy!

Paul, with an impressive case of bedhead, opening his first gift of the morning.

We had to hold back the enthusiastic brothers for Morgan to get a chance to open his own gifts. He thought is was pretty neat. You can tell by his cute little face. That is the "this is neat stuff" expression.

The boys' Taid, Caleb's dad, bought each of the boys a small teddy. The three oldest each have a big animal they sleep with every night. Well, I got to thinking that it will be mighty inconvenient to be carting three huge bears all across the States come furlough. So my hope is that they will fall just as much in love with their new travel friendly bears. ...and why wouldn't they? The new teddies are really cute!

Sasha watched the general hubbub from the shadows of the recliner. You see Morgan's new red stroller. I was hoping he would love it as much as I do and he does. :) He has been confidently walking with it. Now he just needs to figure out how to turn the thing around. He keeps hitting walls and getting stuck. lol!

Our day has been lovely. We've had our delicious turkey dinner and now are going to sit down together and watch "The Muppet Christmas Carol".

Hope your day has been as wonderful as ours
although maybe not as long. :)

Merry Christmas!


Jen said...

Merry Christmas, Dawn. Those pics are great. I'm getting ready to post ours now. We had to wake Autumn up around 9am!

Dear Abbi said...

Merry Christmas Dawn!! So glad your day was great, and hopefully you were able to go to bed EARLY. One can hope. :)

4funboys said...

ha... I love the red jammies...

Glad you had such a great Christmas, and hope you get some rest to catch up on all that lost sleep.

My boys still get up that early too, and it makes for a LONG day. but... oh, so fun.

half pint pixie said...

Awww they all look so excited! Happy Christmas :)