Saturday, October 25, 2008

Running Tally

People tell me to keep write these things down. They will be funny later. I don't believe it for a minute. These will never be funny, but I am keeping track. For when he is a grown man I can show him these lists and he will know how much he is indebted to me that he is still alive and breathing. Then he can pay me back with a nice tropical cruise or something. :)

Besides, it is strangely therapeutic to write them down.

  • He burned a box of matches. Striking one, after another, after another.
  • He stuck a rice cake in the gas flame on the stove. After it lit, he threw it on the floor.
  • He put his clean set of clothes on the living room floor and peed on them.
  • He cut a hole in his shirt.
  • He broke my music box given by Caleb when we were engaged.
  • He broke my necklace.
  • He threw water on the living room rug...again.
  • He cut the cover on one of the kitchen stools.
  • He turned on the gas in the fireplace. One little push of the pilot lighter and none of these things would matter anymore.
I know
this behavior increases when he is around mold.
He does get punished.
It does not help.
He doesn't stop.

Some of these are my own fault.
There is a lesson here I should have learned long ago.

He cannot be left alone.
He cannot be out of sight.
He cannot be trusted.

Not for a second, because that's all it takes.

We will be very blessed if we make it through his childhood
without any major catastrophes.

And, no. I don't hope he has a child just like himself.
I wouldn't wish that on anybody.


Jen said...

My prayers are with you! Autumn is almost 6 and is very strong-willed, but has a big heart. She likes to do everything on her own. I have to be with her at all times, or who knows what will happen.

Julie of blessedwith5 said...

Oh Sweetie - I am so sorry for all of the challenges you face. I don't think you will ever find any of those acts funny.

Allergies are very strange and awful things.

You are a great Mom! Stay strong and stay consistant with him.

Love and Hugs