Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Duh! Moment

We've had a bit of a rough week. Now that the weather is cold and the house is closed up we are once again having problems with mold. I've mentioned that it affects 2 of our 4 littles (so far), but it also affects Caleb and I. Makes it hard to function and one of the first things to go is the ability to think clearly and remember things. :( ...makes my learning Welsh a nightmare. *sigh*

We went to look at a house. We had an appointment with the estate agent later in the week but we wanted to drive-by and peek in the windows first. Well, we found it and met the neighbors. She mentioned that if we wanted to look in the house there was a key under the mat. lol! Guess the agents don't know about that one. So we did. My goodness, that house was so much worse then ours. Nearly every wall had black mold. :( We were in there all of 10 minutes, but I left with a headache, Caleb was congested, and Jason and Paul spent most of the afternoon screaming.

We kept our appointment with the estate agent just so Caleb could talk to him...see if he knew of any houses without mold. We only had Morgan with us, but I stayed in the car with him. Anyhow the point is that we were out of the house for a while in the fresh air which cleared our minds a bit.

The thought that hit us was...We should turn on the air purifier! Duh. So we did and by afternoon yesterday we were all doing so much better. It doesn't answer our problem, but it is helping enough so we can function and brings the endless screaming down to a minimal. The point of this whole tale is...

If I ever mention we are having problems with mold again, please, please ask me if we have the air purifier on.
Because, as common sense as that should be...
we just might not have thought of it. :)

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