Saturday, October 18, 2008


With the Thanksgiving Service at school next week along with the Harvest Dinner at church I thought the timing perfect to do a bit of fall fun with the boys. Pumpkin carving. And given their fondness of knives, any activity involving knives is sure to be a big hit amongst the masses, right?

This was a first for me so I schooled myself in the art of pumpkin carving via google. After cleaning the insides and drawing the faces we set at it.

At first I let them try a bit on their own, but after I saw that taking forever and a day I took to guiding their hands.

Paul got a big kick out of "poking" the pumpkins, which he kept repeatedly saying throughout his turn with the knife.

"I pokin' it!"

Morgan watched all these proceedings perched on the back of the couch...

Now that we are finished I can say it was a fun activity and a success, but there were moments in the midst where I thought surely I was out of my mind when I undertook this suicide mission. I don't know how many times I said the following...

Get off the table.
Stop shaking the table.
Don't touch the blade.
Put that down.
You'll drop it on the floor.
It's not your turn yet.
Don't touch the blade.

And so, internet people, the end result in spite of the craziness,
is as Jason put so well...

"Now we have pumpkins in our family!"

There was no blood. Nobody lost any fingers. I have regained my sanity, but am just crazy enough to attempt this again next year.


My boys had fun and are happily tucked up in their beds dreaming sweet dreams of stabbing pumpkins...


Jen said...

They look great and the kids look so proud! We haven't tried pumpkin carving yet. I'd be a nervous wreck!

Julie of blessedwith5 said...


Ultra cute post!!! Great job on the pumpkins too!

Happy Cute and Sweet little Boys!

You are so blessed!

Anonymous said...

Dawn and boys, what a great job. All 3 pumpkins turn out great. The boys look so happy. Love Mom

Ellen said...

They look so happy with their new found family members. Your posts make me laugh so much. Great job!! I love their little feet too!!

Allissa said...

You are brave!! They turned out great! I must say that I am a little less creative. I let my kids pick a pumpkin from the patch every year and then we paint them. They never really look all that nice.....just like big paint blobs... but later I can use the pumpkins for cooking!!

Dana said...

They did a great job! My boys always love carving pumpkins. They too have a special fondness for knives! I really think it's a boy thing. Have you ever baked the pumpkin seeds? You can find recipes online. They're a super yummy treat!

Stephanie said...

The pumpkins turned out adorable! YOur pictures are always so cute!