Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Even though we celebrated Jason's birthday back in August with Seth, we couldn't let his special day pass unnoticed.

Besides it was the perfect excuse to have another cake. :)

4 Years Old


Anonymous said...

OH! A 4 year birthday is so special! Just curious, is there a significance to the bead necklaces the boys wear? They simply shine on them with their fair skin and goregemous eyes!

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

Also, congrats on the potty training! Don't be too shocked....he's got big brothers to look up to!

Katina said...

Aw, Happy Birthday Jason! Elijah loves the Schleich knights too! :)

Hope all goes well with your US on Friday!!! Looking forward to your news! :)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

Dear Abbi said...

Aww...happy birthday big guy! My Joey loves those knights too!

Amie said...

What a handsome guy!