Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Holiday, Part 3

Ok, the third and final entry about our vacation fun. Our one big splurge was taking the boys to the Animalarium. A habitat for unwanted zoo animals. Very small, but worth going to...once.

The first thing we did was the pony ride. Overpriced, entirely too short, but very much enjoyed.

Paul was so cute. Seth went first and Paul was very concerned that he wasn't going to be able to have a turn too. But for how much he wanted to ride and how much he didn't want to get off at the end this was the only picture where he looked happy. He was scowling the whole time. lol! Crazy kid!

I'm really glad we did the ponies first, because Jason didn't last much more than an hour after. I know we have some happy pictures of him and he looks so sweet on this pony, but these are just frozen moments in time. In actuality he was a complete terror for much of our vacation. I have more to say on this, but that is another post.

He had many warnings, disciplining, and second chances. But when the kicking, screaming and scratching started he and I finally had to go sit in the car while Caleb kept the others. He had exhausted himself so much by his fits that he fell asleep. So I was not there when these next pictures were taken, but Seth and Paul got some more fun in.

Paul took the feeding of the goats very seriously...

Overall, we had a great 4 days and, I think, made some good memories. But, I tell you, vacation with small children is NOT a vacation. Well, at least not with my small children. :) I'm needing a vacation from my vacation. lol!


Dear Abbi said...

Amen to that sister! I remember when the harsh reality of vacation not being vacation for the mommy of little ones finally sank in with me. But it's good to make the most of it, and it sounds like you did! It's "vacation" only in the sense that we are not in our normal routine and environment, and we get to experience new things through our kids' eyes. Other than that, the rest and lots of fun for self part is lacking from vacation. :) Oh well, in another season of life, hopefully all mommies (including us) will get to take a nice, restful vacation!

Jen said...

How old is Jason? We've been dealing with Autumn a lot lately. She has some really good days, then we have a bad week! She's had me in tears a lot lately!! Last night she was an angel. And we kept saying, "See how much fun we can have we you just obey?" I mean, we were getting Please's and Thank you's!! I'll be praying for your little guy! And you, too!!