Saturday, August 30, 2008

16 Week Appointment

I saw the midwife this past week. Everything is fine. It was a normal visit except for the part where she couldn't find the heart beat. After trying for the longest 1O minutes of my life, she suggested that I get up and walk around for a while. She tried to tell me that it can be hard to find the heart beat at 16 weeks. I pretty much told her that I knew full well that she should be able to find it.

She took the next appointment and then we tried again. She found it within a minute. I was so relieved!

Since I have a hospital issued midwife they have all these regulations regarding what they must tell a new patient. It's driving me crazy. Not only have I heard or read all this stuff before at least 4 times, but I heard it all just last year! But regulations require them to treat me as if this is my first baby! Even down to telling me how important it is to take a folic acid supplement.

I'm not liking my new midwife this time round. I'm trying to give her a chance. It's just not happening for me yet. :(

I miss my midwife in the States.


Ellen said...

I'm sorry your vacation was stressful at times, but I'm glad you all got some fun in. We need to pray harder for sweet Jason!! ok, and you too,lol. I hope things go better with this midwife.

joy said...

Those 10 minutes would of been the longest of my life too!!! So glad to hear a good report. Praise the Lord. Do you want to find out if baby will be a boy or girl?