Saturday, April 26, 2008

Not a Foodie

My mommy bought this...

with the intent of doing this...

It couldn't have been more horrible!

I was gagging and choking.
Shuddering and sputtering.

I nearly died!!!

Lucky for me the stuff fell out of my mouth.
She tried to give me more,
but I wasn't falling for that trick again.

Come on, Mom! Don't hold out on me.
Enough of this gloop.
Give me the good stuff!!!


Jen said...

Cody has a calmer attitude than Autumn. She is always doing something. She takes after Patrick! So, I'm assuming he'll take after me that way. Patrick and I are both laid back, but he is always doing something! He doesn't sit and relax much. Cody and Autumn's newborn pics look a lot alike. I'll have to post them sometime! I love the pics of your boys at the beach, did you or your husband take them?

Wendy said...

aww, poor little guy...mommy shouldn't be so cruel =)

Melissa said...

Finally I get to post something. I have been trying to post on your site for days now. Something must have been up with blogger. Anyway, I've been enjoying all your posts lately just haven't been able to comment. I love this one. So cute! We've been trying alittle food here and there for Ben too. It is so funny when they gag! LOL Great pics!

Bethro said...

Oh that's too funny!

Barbie Wilson said...

So, I take it Morgan doesn't like oatmeal?!!

(We live about 2 hours from St. Joseph.)

Simple Family Supper lady said...

I love it!!! Those are priceless pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day that will probably be his favorite food... kids are so funny that way! I'm glad you are going to join me for "Tour Tuesday" next week. I will get mine posted by Monday evening and have "mr linky" ready!

Jen said...

I miss your posts. Hope all is well!