Monday, April 21, 2008


Morgan is officially on the move. He has been army crawling for the past month, but has moved on to proper hand and knees crawling in the last week. He is also pulling up to his knees on chairs, boxes, ect. I've told him that he should really learn to sit before doing that, but he wants to get ahead of himself.

He keeps falling over and bumping his head, but it's all good, because it opens up more options of new stuff to teeth on.

The foods he has tried include: strawberries, bananas, toast, a peanut butter sandwich, a tuna fish sandwich and the odd cat here and there. :)

Good thing this kid doesn't seem to have any serious food allergies. Funny how the older boys are so eager to share when they are not suppose to. lol! Seriously, I haven't really started him with food yet. He is still happily nursing away full-time.


I will be alluding to a four letter word in this next bit so if you will be offended...Don't read any further. :)

Seth and Jason are in love with dinosaurs. Their favorite movies being the Land Before Time series with Little Foot. Last night after Jason finished watching one of the movies he came into the kitchen where I was cutting potatoes for dinner. He was sweetly standing there holding his little dinosaur when I heard him say... "Mudder Fook" I just about went into shock! I asked him what he said, because obviously he couldn't be saying what I had just thought I heard. But it was and he did. He said it was his dinosaur's name.

I didn't say anything to him because I wanted Caleb to talk to him first. I couldn't figure out what he was trying to say and I thought maybe Caleb could. From what we could figure Jason was trying to be creative with saying "foot" so he changed the "t" to a "k". Then to spice it up even more he changed the "little" into "mudder"....because well, he is just so creative like that.

Caleb explained to him how it was Little FOOT as in FEET. Jason likes feet and we are hoping the connection will prevent him from saying his new made-up dinosaur name in public. How embarrassing that would be!!! I could just see myself turning 50 shades of red! Ahhh!


Anonymous said...

Hello Dawn , Only my sweet little Jason, would be so creative. His little mine just does not stop.What will he be when he grows up.
Love Mom

Wendy said...

Morgan is growing up so fast! I know we've never met but I feel like I know you and your boys!

Melissa said...

LOL, we've had those moments before when the kids say something harmless but it sounds so awful!

Dear Abbi said...

Too funny! Each of our kids have had a similarly embarrassing word that they pronounced incorrectly while learning to talk. Joey's was the same word, and he used it for "truck"...and he said it ALL the time because he LOVED trucks! I couldn't wait for him to learn to say t's. :)

Simple Family Supper lady said...

Out of the mouths of BABES!!!! This is too funny! Ok... you will think it is funny someday!!!!!

Ellen said...

hey, oh my that is funny. I feel your pain. When we lived in Florida Hallie would TRY to say "shut" the door, or I "Shut" But the U was changed to an I. I'm sure you can put it together, LOL!
Poor Jason!!

Dana said...

I LOVE the picture of Morgan gnawing on the arm of the rocker!TOOO cute!