Thursday, March 13, 2008

Something New to Do

Caleb is getting Seth and Jason in on his hobby. He is teaching them photography. He taught them how to use our old camera...which they figured out really fast. He has told them how to get into different positions and angles. They have been going on "photo" walks meaning, going on a walk just to look for things to take pictures of. It is really cute to see them being "just like daddy". And I know they are loving the personal attention.

It is neat to see the world through their eyes. Some of the things they deem worthy of a shot is quite interesting. They have gotten some surprisingly good pictures though. I've been impressed with a few of them. :)

I am thankful for digital cameras. This new found fun would not be possible if it were a film camera. They can snap as many pictures as they like without us being concerned by wasted film.

All the above pictures were taken by Caleb, but here are a few by either Seth or Jason...


Melissa said...

Those are great pictures!

Barbie Wilson said...

That is so neat that Caleb is teaching your boys how to take pictures! It is amazing what kids pick up from us adults. Your boys are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Da iawn! What a great idea for dad and boys! Sounds like a wonderful bonding experience that will build terrific memories! The pictures really are wonderful and show how cute your little guys are.
Pob bendith i dy deulu di!