Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Mind of Jason

First of all...today Seth went on a trip with his class. They rode the bus to a nearby school to see a play about traffic safety.

After coming home from school Jason told his daddy how he got to ride the bus to the big school too. He had seen Seth and all the big boys there and had sat with Seth and Geriant. He said there was singing and that all the kids got to sing too. He said they sang the song "Dau Gi Bach" (Two Little Dogs) which is his favorite. He said he had a fun time.

We wondered how we had missed the fact that Jason was going on the trip too, but thought it was just overlooked.

Seth came home today with a book and bubbles from his class trip.

Jason hadn't gone with Seth after all. He had invented the whole wonderful story. He had faked the excitement of a bus ride. He had imagined the singing. He had fantasized the fun. He had wanted to go on the trip so badly that he had made it all up in his head.

Poor little guy...I feel so bad for him. I was really happy for him going on this trip and equally disappointed when I realized he hadn't gone after all. I can just imagine how disappointed he was at being excluded from Seth's field trip. This does explain his particularly bad behavior all afternoon though.

So in an effort to make Jason feel special too Caleb took him out for a walk...just the two of them.


Melissa said...

That is quite sad. What a great imagination he has. Great pictures!

Dear Abbi said...

Aww, poor guy! Cute story!

So you are from PA too! Scranton is a two-hour-ish drive (I'm guessing) from here. Not bad. I didn't realize that you and Ellen are SIL's! Neat!