Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Poem

~ The Shoes ~

Once you were young and shiny and new,
Never dreaming you'd be the favorite of two.
Spotless white and a fun bright red,
You're the shoe of choice, it's been said.

You've been the cause of many a fight,
"I want to wear you! It's only right!"
But, for shame, the boys must share,
Mommy should've thought to buy two pair.

You've been taken on many long hikes,
Kicking balls and riding bikes.
You've been on the swings and down the slide,
Walked about town with great pride.

Oh, the sadness. You're getting old.
Looking well used since you were sold.
You have scuffed toes and worn out threads.
Great big holes are in your treads.

Their love for you will soon be bashed,
You'll find yourself being trashed.
Enjoy your time of fame, my friend,
Your glory days are soon to end!

~ Dawn ~


Melissa said...

Great poem. You've really got talent!

Ellen said...

Girl, you are brilliant!! That was amazing, and so cute. I love that picture.

Amie said...

What a great poem! You need to frame that with the picture for your wall.

Barbie Wilson said...

So, you like to write poems too?!! You did very well! I enjoyed reading your poem. Have you thought about entering it in a contest? You never know, you could win a prize! Wouldn't that be neat? I am entering my Christmas Tree poem in a contest held by a local library.

Dear Abbi said...

Wow, you can write and rhyme well! Cute poem!