Saturday, March 22, 2008

Busy Week

Monday: Welsh class at 7pm. I don't know if I am happy about going just 4 hours a week to Welsh class. Yes, it is easier on me, the boys and Caleb, but I'm not so sure it is helping my Welsh all that much. As of right now I am around Welsh maybe 6 hours a week, where as before I had Welsh 6 hours a day. It is so much harder to learn a language when you don't hear it all the time. But that is the way it has to be for now.

Tuesday: Ti a Fi (playgroup) at 1pm. We went shopping in Bangor and got home just in time for playgroup. Morgan and Paul were sleeping so I only took Jason. The playgroup has shrunk dramatically since September. Usually when I show up with my 3 I double the group. lol! There were 2 other kids last week. One of them being a 2 year old boy who likes to push Paul around. It might help the situation some if Paul would give him a good push back, but since Paul isn't the slightest bit aggressive...he doesn't. There is no way this kid would push Jason though, so Jason had a fun bully-free time.

7pm I took Seth to a Bingo fund raiser at his school. I won a prize in the very last round of the game. Seth was thrilled. I let Seth pick out his own Easter egg prize. He passed up some really nice Snickers eggs for a plain chocolate one with a picture of what he said was a Power Ranger on the box. I'm glad I won something. As the game was nearing an end I was trying to think of how I could explain to him why he didn't get a prize. Thankfully I didn't need to say anything and I can save my little speech for next year.

Wednesday: Caleb had his last dentist appointment for a while. Unfortunately after getting 5 fillings he wasn't up to going to the dinner at the church that night. I was feeling brave so I took the 3 older boys out...all by myself! It wasn't too bad. Seth and Paul were good, of course. I had a few Jason moments, but considering it was Jason, he was fairly well behaved. I was even able to stay and listen to 3/4 of the message before leaving the room for a child. A record...I think.

Thursday: I made and took a lunch to church for some visitors/helpers that are here for the week.

Friday: 7pm I went to a Welsh-learners service at the church. I took Morgan with me. He was sleeping as I was getting ready to go and I forgot to save enough time to nurse him before walking out the door. I would have been late so he got to come with me. :)

Today: We are doing nothing. Staying home and relaxing. In fact, it is 3 in the afternoon and I still have my PJ's on. I've done some laundry, read stories and watched a movie with the boys. It's nice to have a quiet day after so much running around this past week.


Jen said...

Sounds like you're having a Saturday like me. Its almost noon and I'm still in my pjs. Patrick had to work a double shift today, which means he left at 5:30am and won't be home until 12:30am. It takes him an hour and a half to get to work.

How far ahead timewise are you all? Australia is about 12-14 hours depending on daylight savings for us which they don't have.

Amie said...

I didn't realize there was a Welsh language. What made you want to learn it?

Amie said...

Ah! Somehow I missed that you lived in Wales! Now it all makes sense. :D

Dear Abbi said...

I'm so glad you are having a nice, quiet day. Those are the best!