Wednesday, February 27, 2008


  • We've moved Paul into Seth and Jason's room. He had decided that he didn't like sleeping alone. He is doing really well with staying in his big boy out only the first 3 days and now he is staying put. After the year-long battle we had with getting Jason to stay in his bed, this just seems too good to be true. Seth and Jason are both on the top bunks now and loving the new sleeping arrangements.
  • We moved the crib into our bedroom for Morgan. He has outgrown the Moses basket and doesn't like the hardness of a pack-n-play. So now he has a big bed with a soft mattress.
  • Morgan weighs 17 1/2 lbs as of this morning.
  • I've tested dairy for the cause of Morgan's eczema and it is the culprit. After taking dairy out of my diet for a week the eczema was gone. I had diary for one day and it came back. So once it clears up again he should be eczema free. Yeah!! I am so going to miss my once-in-a-while chocolate treat. :(
  • Jason and Paul have started playing together nicely. Yesterday Jason put Paul's coat on him, took him outside and helped him get on the trampoline...all without my knowing! I think I was upstairs taking care of laundry. We told Jason not to go out with asking first, but it was really neat to see Jason taking care of his little brother. He will also comfort Paul when he is him hugs, telling him "It's okay." or giving him toys. It is wonderful to see Jason's gentle side showing through.
  • Morgan can roll both ways now. He has also become very good at grasping his toys. He would get so frustrated with his toys when he was trying to pick them up and couldn't. He's happy with his newly developed abilities.


Melissa said...

Glad to hear you found the culprit for Morgan's eczema. Too bad about the chocolate treats though. I would so miss that too. You're boys are too cute!

Dana said...

Love the pictures! Morgan is so big already! He weighs nearly as much as Brennen and Brennen's 14 mos! That's so cool that your boys are getting along so well. It sounds like Jason is a good big brother. By the way, I ordered the Amber from Inspired by Finn. They have them on Ebay for less than what I paid though.....