Saturday, February 9, 2008

Story Hour

Yesterday Caleb took Jason to Story Hour at the library. My plan was for them to have some special father/son time...a bonding attention for Jason. So off they go. Jason sits and listens quietly to the story. Eats his cookie and drinks his juice. Having a lovely time.

Then he tells his daddy he needs to use the toilet. "Okay, lets go to the restroom." says Daddy. "I don't want to go." says Jason "Alright, how about we go get a chocolate and go home." says Daddy.

Jason then proceeded to throw the biggest public fit we have on record here at the Coverett house. The kind where the other parents were shielding their children's eyes from the horrific display. The kicking, screaming, throwing punches kind.

So Jason's special outing ended with him being carried out of the library to be hidden out of sight in the car. Jason's first words to me when they arrived home were..."Daddy wouldn't let me have a chocolate." Well Jason. Son. You wouldn't have gotten any chocolate from me either.

This is a picture from before the meltdown. Doesn't he look angelic?

You've heard of baby wearing, well I'm looking into preschooler wearing. We have found that the best way to keep Jason out of trouble, happy and satisfied with his parental attention is to keep him with either Caleb or me constantly. So not only would Jason be content, but there would be the added bonus of exercise with having a 30lb 3 year old strapped to my back.

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Amie said...

I have had *very* similar library experiences...