Friday, February 8, 2008

Boy Logic

According to Seth a cozy place to rest the back of your head is on a pot of water boiling on the stove. When I turned around and saw him I had visions of his hair bursting into flames like dry straw. Good thing I use so much moisturizer on his hair. :P He singed his hair real good, but thank God the only other damage was my heart attack.

According to Jason when you don't want to brush your teeth the best hiding spot for your toothbrush is .... in the diaper pail, of course! Yuck!

According to Seth after fishing a chopstick out of the toilet, as long as the toilet has been flushed first then there is no need to wash your hands because the water is clean. Yuck again!

According to Paul it is easier to say Dad and Dawn then to say Dad and Mom. And although I do correct him, it is cute to hear my name being called out by such a lovely little baby voice.

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