Thursday, January 3, 2008

Child Labor

I decided to start off the new year with enforcing Child Labor Laws in our household. The children must labor! I have given Seth and Jason jobs. :) Now before you start feeling sorry for my poor over-worked children I will let you know that they have good benefits and free room and board. :P

Jason's job is to unload the dishwasher. I have moved all of our dishes to the lower cabinets so he can put them away. Now anyone who actually knows Jason must think I have lost my mind to even let him near the dishes. But I read somewhere about children learning to be more careful with things because they have things they need to be careful them responsibilities makes them more responsible and all that. far so good. We haven't had any broken dishes and he loves to help. Although he was getting a little too much enjoyment out of putting up the sharp knives so we put those away before we let him at it.

Seth's jobs are to feed Nepoleon and to load the dishwasher. Nepoleon must be fed before Seth can eat breakfast, but he is doing a great job of remembering without being told. :) Loading the dishwasher takes a bit of supervision, but he is getting the hang of it. He thinks it is awesome that he can put the soap in and push the start button. He is so proud to be really helping and we often hear him say, "But what about my dishes?".

Next I think I will get them putting the laundry away. And then cleaning the bathrooms and vacuuming and dusting... Oooh! This will be so exciting!


Jen B said...

Oh, those poor kids!! Autumn is 5 and has chores, too. She is to make her bed before breakfst and feed the cats before lunch and set the table before supper. She does quite well.

I got some good ideas about kids and chores from as well as some good moneysaving tips from The same woman runs both sites and they are excellent!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas, my girls help me around the house. I always think how much cleaner and neater things will be when they are older and can really "help". Oh and I spotted your sister at omni night, but never found her to talk. Is that jen B - Jen bauer?? If so Hi.

Barbie Wilson said...

Good for you, Dawn! Keep up the good job in teaching your boys responsibility. It's good for them, and it's one less thing you have to do!