Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

We had my birthday celebration yesterday. We got a babysitter for the 3 older boys and Caleb and I took off for the day with our tiny tag-along. We went to Bangor to do some shopping. Caleb and I haven't been anywhere in the car together since Morgan was born. It was fun. lol! (We don't all fit in our car anymore so "going to town" means...I drive the boys in the car and Caleb rides his bike.)

We really didn't do anything special, just walked around and poked in some shops. But we enjoyed spending time *almost* by ourselves. We were able to hold hands while we walked because we didn't have two other little people's hands to hold. We were able to have intelligent conversation because we didn't have little boys who think it is more important to talk about their birthdays and monsters in the kitchen. :)

I spent my birthday money on socks. You know you are getting old when you are happy about birthday socks! lol! I am also going to get some of those ultra stylish Crocs just because they are so comfy.

After Caleb picked up the boys. Seth came into the living room with his hand behind his back and told me that he had gotten me something for my birthday. With great excitement and a look of satisfaction on his face he showed me....a little toy car. lol! The Treharnes had taken them to Bangor. They bought me chocolate and an azalea plant and then took the boys to a charity shop so they could "pick something out for mom". Seth picked that car and Jason picked a little 4-wheeler. Paul got a teddy. lol! Too cute!

Then Morgan gave me the best gift. He slept through the night...9pm to 7am! Woo! Hoo! Of course, Jason was up at 4am. Oh well, guess I can't have everything!


Dana said...

Oh! Happy Birthday! Jared and I call those, us + Brennen outings our semi-dates! It's SO great, isn't it? Glad you had a good day.

Barbie Wilson said...

Hello, Dawn! It's Barbie!
I am glad that you and your "Hubby" were able to have some time together on your birthday. (By the way, "Happy Birthday!" Yours is 16 days after mine.) I know time together with your husband is precious. I enjoy all the time I can get with my Honey!
I love your blog! You have a nice family! I enjoy seeing the pictures!
God bless your work there in Wales. Have a great day!