Monday, September 3, 2007

Okay, we are ready!

We finally got the last thing done in preparation for the baby. Which was to get the car seat out of the attic and cleaned. Yeah! I now have a birth pool in my living room. Waiting for the big day. Since I have had two very different types of labor we need to be prepared for the shorter type which would not leave us with much time to get things ready. With Seth and Jason I started with active labor. With Paul I had between 4 and 5 hours of early labor.

An interesting kwinky dink...
There is a girl from my home church who was pregnant the same time I was with Jason. She had her baby around my due date and I had Jason 18 days late close to her date. She was pregnant this time around too. She just had her baby near my due date! I am not liking the end of this little setup! lol!

I have started having lots of pain...low back pain, pelvis pain, abdominal pain, strong Braxton Hicks contractions...just not any "real" pain. My body is beginning to get ready. And the good news is...Baby is definitely coming within the next 4 weeks!

School starts tomorrow! Hooray!

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