Saturday, June 23, 2007

This and That

Today we drove to Bangor so Caleb could show me were my class would be held. It was pretty easy to find. And since we were there we did some shopping. Bangor is the only place around here to do any real shopping, but we don't go there very often because it is 17 miles away and gas prices are ridiculous. We had a really nice time out together. The boys were pretty well behaved and it didn't rain until after we got home. Yeah!

I think Jason has finally got the hang of the potty training thing. He has been wearing pants in the house for the last two days and today he went the whole day with only one accident on the way home from shopping. Pretty good, I think.

This morning Seth brought me a dead bird he found outside somewhere. Eww! Eww! Eww! ...lots of hand scrubbing and lots of antibacterial soap!

I made spinach with cheese for dinner. It was the first time the boys had ever had it. This is what I heard from Seth and Jason..."My like spinach!" "Can I have some more?" "Will you make some more spinach tomorrow?"...Ahhh! music to a mother's ears! lol!

Paul wasn't so impressed with his spinach, but his had no cheese. He can no longer have any dairy product at all. I don't understand what happened. He was fine with dairy until I gave him milk in a bottle. Then he developed a sensitivity to all dairy. He can't even have mayonnaise. I just hope he out grows it before we have to go back to the States. It wouldn't be very fun traveling with a five year old who couldn't have dairy.

Can you believe I will be 30 weeks on Tuesday? This pregnancy is going by really fast. I have been so tired recently. Yesterday I took two naps both 1 1/2 hours long! I got out our homemade baby bed and washed the cover. It is made out of PVC and material.

We made it for Seth to fit in our travel trailer, but so far all of our babies have used it. This will probably be the last one though as the material is wearing out at the corners. We bought a package of newborn diapers. They are so tiny! I always forget how small newborn babies are. Besides the birthing pool I can't think of anything more we need to get before his arrival. I have ten weeks left and am just waiting...

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