Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday, July 17, 2010...Long Distance Grandma

The other day Paul was looking through a photo album,
which incidently had pictures of my mom.
Which got him talking about Grandma
and how he wanted to visit her.
How he wished she wasn't so far away.
How this isn't our house...
the house we live in is near Grandma's house.
Getting himself really worked up.
Real tears and everything.

After swallowing the lump in my throat
A brilliant idea.
Let's call Grandma and you can talk to her.

Quick prayer that she is home.
And then...

A happy boy chatting with his loved and missed Grandma.

Telling her about the photos...

Telling her how she is his favorite person in the whole world.
Asking when she is going to come visit.

Telling her about bug armies and other fun boy stuff.
Talking of his new baby Tesni.

All while doing acrobats on the couch...

And loving every minute with his special Grandma.

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