Saturday, October 1, 2011

Monday, July 26, 2010...A Screaming Day

Have I mentioned that Jason has problems with Welsh dirt?

Two weeks ago we got in touch with our naturopathic doctor. One last thing to do before considering taking Jason back to the States...again. He has progressively gotten worse since we returned in February...major de ja vue as parents. I haven't written about it because I promised myself that I would only write positive things about him. We went back to the States in hopes of finding help for him. We did. He was diagnosed with Lyme's disease. He started his supplements. He was doing so well...a different boy. Now he is struggling again. Is it food allergies? Is is the Lyme's? Bad parenting? What is happening?

His test came back showing he has toxic levels of silica/silicone. Silica is in coal and slate (amongst other things). Hundreds of years of slate and coal mining and also burning coal has laced Welsh soil with high levels of silica. His body is not processing it out. Since these findings we have experimented. After being kept inside Jason improves in a couple days. He leaves the house...the next day is bad, especially if we let him play outside. Yesterday he was outside...which makes today a screaming day.

The doctor seems to think that once his body is detoxed he should be able to live here as long as he continues taking his supplement everyday. I just hope it's not too long before he is feeling better. I hate this for him.

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