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Thursday, May 6, 2010.... A Jumble of Thoughts

Been doing a lot of research and planning with Morgan's diet. We may have inadvertently been causing some of Morgan's sensitivities. Apparently you can cause additional sensitivities by eating the same things over and over without much variation. Which we do, and I hate it, but can't seem to get away from it when trying to make food that is safe for everybody here. Seems Morgan has a problem with rice. Don't know if it's an allergy or a sensitivity. With obvious reactions to both dairy and gluten since he was a newborn his diet has been rice based. Rice, rice milk, rice cereal, rice flour, rice cakes, rice pasta, rice everything.

I never saw a rice allergy/sensitivity coming. That one made a hard thing...impossible. Especially for any kind of family meal. My boys need fillers. They are BIG eaters. I'm left with corn, sweet potatoes and beans...which brings me back to causing more problems with eating the same thing all. the. time.

We've been able to add in many food containing fructose with no reactions. We are currently avoiding only the list of high content foods such as apples, grapes, honey, ect. So thankfully his fructose sensitivity is on the mild side.

Because I believe most of our symptoms are caused by food sensitivities rather than actual allergies we are currently implementing a rotation diet where the offending foods can be eaten once every four days. I've read of people having good success with this. We just started two days past so I don't know how it's going yet. lol! We have not included gluten and only yogurt out of the dairy group. I know there will be a lot of tweaking needed, but hopefully this will work for us and we can prevent any further problems. I know the next problem food would be corn as it is a common allergy that we have apparently missed somehow and started to rely heavily on when we kicked rice to the curb.

Another line of thought I've been considering is my kid's parentage. I've mentioned how they (excluding one) take after Caleb with their metabolisms. Paul eats the least out of the boys, yet he is the only one with any chub. Poor kid takes after me. Caleb eats and eats and eats and doesn't gain a pound. The off set to that is he is hungry all the time. He can eat a full meal of carbs and be legitimately hungry an hour later. If he eats meat with his meals he can last at least 4 hours without feeling hunger. His body craves protein and beans don't cut it. lol!

Anyway, all that to say we've started giving them more meat to try and curb their appetites.

This is a real mess of a post. Haha. ...but then so are my thoughts on all this. I've become so overwhelmed. Sometimes I just want to give up on the whole thing...let them deal with it as adults if they want to. Pretend I don't notice. Run around screaming while pulling my hair out.

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