Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday, May 28, 2010...10 Days Over

  • I didn't get the 12 week dating scan...maybe I got my due date off. I've been measuring 1-2 weeks small the entire pregnancy. I NEVER measure small.
  • Hopefully she shows up before Tuesday. The midwife is going to start pressuring me for induction if I go more than 2 weeks over.
  • I declined a sweep on Wednesday. Didn't want to chance her breaking my water and putting me on the clock to get this baby out when baby is obviously not ready yet.
  • I said I would think about a sweep for next week at 2 weeks over. She wrote in my notes that I consented. I don't think she was listening to me.
  • Yes, there have been signs of labor. Lots of lower back pain. Cramping. Strong, take-my-breath-away practice contractions. My hip ligaments feel like rubber bands. Seriously. It's weird. Now if all these lovelies would combine their efforts I'd be grateful.
  • A lady at church told me how she went 21 days late with one of hers. I don't know why she felt she had to share this with me. *sigh*
  • Tuesday I have an appointment at the hospital to get the baby monitored for a while...make sure everything is still working okay.
  • I'm hoping to miss that appointment.
  • Do you think jumping on the trampoline would help?

a couple pictures that have nothing to do with anything except to impress you with my hair styling skillz.

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