Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thursday, April 29, 2010

When we returned Stateside one of many things we did not keep were the boys' bikes. I've been keeping an eye on e-bay in search of some bargain bikes. They showed up as a "surprise" last week. We had some very happy kids round here. I thought they would need to relearn as they had been without training wheels for only a month before we left and then hadn't ridden bikes at all for 9 months. Amazingly they hopped right on and off they went without any trouble at all.

We live on a flat, quiet, dead end street...very convenient.

It won't be too long before Paul is ready for some pedals. Then the running bike will be passed down to Morgan.

And Morgan can pass down his little tractor to Elisa. She been trying it out, but her legs aren't quite long enough to make it move.

I love watching them have so much fun!

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