Sunday, May 3, 2009

Childhood Accomplishment

Seth and Jason both started riding without training wheels about 2 weeks ago. Woo! Hoo! They are doing great. I'm so proud of them. :) For some reason we only ended up with pictures of Jason though. Going to have to fix that.


Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

That really does make them seem "old" doesn't it? We dropped our (then) 4 year old off at a bday party and when we came back about an hour later, he rode the boy's bike down the driveway to us and left a HUGE skidmark...took me a few seconds to realize OMG there aren't any training wheels on that bike :-O whoa.

Dana said...

That's awesome! Great job Seth and Jason! Tanner STILL can't ride a 2 wheeler and he's going to be 7 in just 24 days! Could be because there's no flat ground to ride on around our house. But he's scared to try even when we take him to a nice flat park. How long did it take to teach them?

Ellen said...

so exciting!! great job boys.